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Telemedicine for your clients

Telemedicine for your clients

Telemedicine for your clients


Employers are beginning to understand the importance of implementing telemedicine into their health plans. As a broker, you can easily offer CareClix as a telemedicine service to your clients.

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Solutions that Sell

CareClix has many powerful solutions that increase your clients productivity while also solving their problems. Take a look at these various solutions to see how the CareClix Platform can work to power your client's telemedicine program.

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CareClix Services

With the help of CareClix's Services, we can provide you with miscellaneous services and support for you and your client. Whether it's assistance in sales and marketing material or technical support, CareClix is there for you.

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Chronic Care Management

With CareClix, you can establish your own Chronic Care Management system by using your practitioners or CareClix's turn-key Chronic Care Management service to address chronic conditions as simple as asthma to those as complex as heart failure.

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Partner with CareClix

We will work with you to integrate the suite of CareClix services and solutions with the current offerings you provide your clients. With CareClix, you'll be able to offer your client a proven telemedicine product customized for your organization from one of the leaders in the industry. Employers can even set up Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

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