CareClix Exam

The Medical Exam Room, also known as CareClix Exam, incorporates up to 14 different FDA approved devices. Using the CareClix platform allows you to convert any brick-and-mortar examination room into a virtual health suite..

Personalize your telemedicine experience:


The CareClix-powered medical suite includes the following features to better serve and treat your patients:

Remote Data

Remotely obtain vital patient data, such as blood pressure, pulse, and temperature, using on-site clinical support staff and remote telemedicine devices.​

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Enhanced Care

Provide superior clinical care with the help of additional medical information derived from supplemental devices.​

Secure Transmission

Transmit your patient's vitals safely and securely over the internet to consult with specialists across the world.

Customizable Options

Build a customized exam room to fit your needs with top-of-the-line medical devices, such as digital otoscopes and EKGs.


CareClix has three different types of equipment that you can use to create and customize your medical examination room:

Exam Kiosk

Our kiosk allows you to permanently convert any brick-and-mortar room into a full-fledged virtual health suite, equipped with the power of the CareClix platform.​

Telemedicine Cart

Our telemedicine carts are a smaller version of our exam kiosks, designed for maximum mobility – but with all the powerful technology you expect from CareClix.​

Mobile Case

Our Mobile Case Model offers the flexibility to take CareClix Exam anywhere you go. We’ve scaled down essential functionality to fit in an easy-to-carry case.

Our telemedicine carts come fully equipped and customizable.
Build Your Cart
We also have Pre-configured Telemedicine Stations for disciplines such as:


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Integration with top EHR's

The CareClix platform comes with the only Electronic Health Record (EHR) built specifically for telemedicine. We’ve also developed HS7-based APIs that integrate seamlessly with all major web-based EHRs, providing you with a clear path to interoperability.


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