CareClix: Helping Seniors Age in Place through Telemedicine

As any health professional knows, senior citizens are among the populations most in need of medical treatment. Elderly patients struggle with complicated, often chronic, illnesses more frequently than the general population. Once people start getting along in years, their risk of developing cataracts, congestive heart failure, osteoporosis, stroke, dementia, or cancer increase significantly. All of these health conditions require regular medical care.

But seniors are also among the most limited in terms of mobility, the ability to see a doctor independently, and the ability to incorporate healthy practices into their daily lives without assistance. Consequently, elderly patients miss crucial doctor’s visits, forget needed medications, and unnecessarily endanger their long-term health outlooks. But with CareClix’s telemedicine suite, your practice could better serve older patients by affording them access to quality health care at any time, no matter where they are.

And when seniors have better health care, that they can access remotely, they not only live healthier lives, but they can also age in place more readily, avoid unnecessary hospital stays, and retain autonomy for longer periods of time. With CareClix, you can provide superior care to your patients, and expand your practice by making your services accessible to any number of elderly patients who find it difficult to travel to the doctor’s office.

Here are a few ways CareClix can support your medical practice’s service to seniors:

Face-to-face, remote interactions –Through our video chat system, your patients will be able to communicate with you securely from the comfort of their own homes or care facilities. With CareClix, your elderly patients don’t have to endure the burden of travel to receive quality medical care.

Online medical suites – The CareClix online system is compatible with more than a hundred commonly-available medical devices. Using equipment in their home or care facility, patients can electronically transfer medical data to you in real time, so that you can monitor crucial health measures like hearing, blood pressure, and bone density on a regular basis without the need for in-person doctor’s visits.

Electronic prescription services and medication dispensers –With CareClix, you’ll not only be able to authorize prescriptions remotely, your clients will also benefit from electronic medication dispensers, which remind patients to take their medicine, and alerts you about any missed doses.

Automated billing, claims, and reimbursement workflow –With ever-changing Medicare policies and a dizzying array of private insurance plans, the financial side of working with seniors can be a headache. Let CareClix automate your reimbursement workflow so that you can spend your time on more important things, like caring for your patients.

Electronic health records – Securely access and update your patients’ medical histories with CareClix’s electronic records service. Through our system, you can collaborate with other medical professionals and nursing home staff in providing top-notch care, without worrying about missing important information or physically transferring sensitive medical documents from facility to facility.

John Korangy, MD Cofounder, CareClix Website: E: P: 855.227.3259

About the Author:

Dr. Korangy is the Cofounder of CareClix, a Pioneer in the field of Telemedicine, and a widely respected doctor with more than a decade of experience working as a physician. Dr. Korangy specializes in radiology, and understands firsthand many challenges facing doctors and patients in today’s evolving economic and political environments. Dr. Korangy is committed to improving service delivery to patients throughout the United States, and to supporting the medical community in expanding what is possible for care. He received his medical degree from George Washington University and received medical training at Georgetown University.