About CareClix

About CareClix

About Us

The CareClix virtual care management platform was created by a physician for physicians. Our original vision began with offering diverse care access to patients. Thus, the “hospital at home” approach was launched. This was in 2012. As time passed, the market expanded and continued to define our offering.

Today, while the concept of providing a diverse offering to both patients and providers still holds true, how we deliver value has changed. Patients are more educated. Technology is ever-changing and expanding. Face-to-face visits are being replaced by virtual visits at an alarming rate.

The CareClix web and mobile platforms have enabled us to meet the needs of consumers who require immediate access while at the same time help to reduce the administrative burden for payers and providers to enable access.

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Our world-wide client base is proof of how we can affect care needs.  Employers trust our platform to ensure their employees have ready access, regardless of where they reside.  In addition, our second option program allows individuals to access medical experts who can provide peach of mind and care options.

Our connected network of professionals ensures that the needs of each patient, medical professional, employer, and carrier are met. Our value proposition is simple.

  • For medical professionals, we coordinate patient referrals, provide additional revenue-generating programs, handle all billing to third party payers (if needed), pay you directly for services, and provide our secure platform.
  • For care managers, we provide access to an exclusive provider network of specialty care professionals, develop agreed to treatment protocols, enhance return-to-work missions, and provide access to our secure platform for enhanced patient care management as well as internal process supplementation and document management.
  • For carriers and employers, we offer a lower cost, better outcome process incorporating tools for improved employee/patient care options and ongoing care and education for reducing lost time and claim costs for injured employees and reduced medical loss for covered lives.

A tradition of caring

The CareClix leadership and management team consist of individuals with a long history in providing or managing healthcare. Our perspectives are diverse. Our goals are common. We strive to provide high-quality access to health care using the latest technology that is easy to use, simple to follow, and globally accepted.

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