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Provide employees better care

Provide employees better care

Provide employees better care


Many employers are beginning to implement telemedicine plans into their benefits package. Doing so allows you to save time & money for both you and your employees, while also expanding their access to quality care. Look below to see how CareClix's platform can benefit you.

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Exam Room

With the help of CareClix Exam, we can turn any office space into an on-site clinic. Using the CareClix Medical Cart, you can provide your employees with a safe location to receive medical consultations without leaving the office.

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Save Time in the ER

With ER Triaging, CareClix can help your patients get the care they need, where they actually need it. We'll reroute your patients to their correct destination, whether it's simply just an online visit or an actual emergency.

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Customized Services

We can help you create a customized telemedicine program for your company with the aid of CareClix Services. Together, we'll implement a program for your employees to increase their health and wellness, improve their quality of life, and save them valuable time and money.

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