No matter how appealing telehealth’s benefits may be for employers, employees, patients and healthcare providers, if they can’t get reimbursed then insurers can’t support telehealth. CareClix helps insurers work with employer and TPA health systems, CMS and CPT codes, insurance verification, value-based and fee-for-service billing, and claim reimbursement.

How it Works

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Starting out with CareClix is easy:

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Create Your Virtual Clinic

Once your CareClix virtual health program is in place, use your CareClix Virtual Clinic and our Physician Network to offer telehealth primary and urgent care and access to medical and surgical specialists in more than 30 specialties to your patients. Use CareClix’s FDA-approved and preconfigured remote monitoring devices to monitor your patients’ medical data in up to 14 areas in real time or asynchronously.

Monitor Patients

Use CareClix’s FDA-approved and preconfigured remote monitoring devices to monitor your patients’ medical data in up to 14 areas in real time or asynchronously. CareClix reviews your remote patient data every 48 hours and notifies you if your patient health data goes outside of parameters you set.

Ways We Benefit ACO’s

Customized Branding

CareClix offers customization options up to and including a white label package with fully customizable software that operates transparently behind your brand.

Rich Features

CareClix is a comprehensive, full-featured, and customizable virtual health service for your patients. Additional CareClix features to make your telehealth easy to manage and more value-added for your patients include insurance verification, patient self-scheduling, secure messaging, customizable patient surveys, and more. CareClix can manage all these services for you, or you can manage the ones you want.

Patient Referrals

By providing your patients with CareClix’s comprehensive, team-based virtual healthcare services, you improve patient experiences and encourage patients to remain with you in a competitive healthcare services environment.

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Software Platform Packages

CareClix offers scalable virtual healthcare solutions in four software packages. The simplest is a turnkey operation that you can implement in less than 48 hours.

Physician Dashboard

Contact Details screen on the CareClix app

CareClix is compatible with the protocols that you would use in a brick-and-mortar hospital or clinical setting. But with CareClix you are now augmenting those conventional healthcare solutions with more flexible and cost-effective virtual delivery to your patients.

Patient Portal

CareClix’s secure online communications and HIPAA/HITECH-compliant patient privacy protections mean your patients can communicate with your physicians to pay bills, request prescription refills, view lab results, schedule appointments, ask questions, and more.

EHR Integration

Platform Metrics Details screen on the CareClix app

CareClix obtains patient data directly from the patients’ own medical records in order to create a reimbursement claim. You can connect CareClix to your existing billing clearinghouse to enable real-time eligibility checks, secure internal messaging, and customizable reports.

API Integrations

Book Your Appointment screen on the CareClix app

CareClix gives you an integrated, complete virtual health delivery system to extend your practice reach far beyond the limitations of traditional hospital and clinical settings.