While Medicare’s coverage of telehealth historically has been limited, recent policy changes have begun to broaden its use. Additional telehealth benefits will now be able to be included in Medicare Advantage plan bids for benefits starting 2020 and plans will have broader flexibility in how they pay for coverage of telehealth benefits.

How it Works

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Create Virtual Clinic

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Staff with Doctors

Receive Virtual Care

Ways We Benefit Medicare Advantage

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Telemedicine Standard

CareClix helped author the guidelines that now comprise the nation’s telemedicine standards, as prescribed by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA).

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Network of Physicians

CareClix doesn’t just provide virtual health products. Based on your needs, CareClix also provides on-demand physicians and specialists who are available to see patients 24/7.

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Integrate Your Solutions

We work with your existing system, software, equipment, and organizational standards to integrate with your current environment and meet your specific needs.

CareClix Features

With 3 different packages to choose from we have you covered from the basic turnkey option that can be implemented in less than 48 hours to our more robust white label package that is completely customized to your brand.

CareClix saves you money time and by providing you with convenient on-demand 24/7 access to board-certified physicians in over 30 specializes by phone, video or mobile app.

Conduct virtual visits with a board-certified doctor by computer, tablet, or phone. Our features follow the protocols you would use just as you would in a traditional clinic setting

Patients can securely communicate with their physicians, pay bills, request medication refills, view lab results, request appointments, and securely message your practice.

Data is directly obtained from the patient’s medical records to create a claim. You can connect to your billing clearinghouse of choice for real-time eligibility checking with completely customizable reports

Our combined solution that merges our platform with specialized services, which helps your practice extend its reach beyond traditional clinical settings.