Providers FAQ

How can CareClix benefit Healthcare providers?
  1. Improved access to care – With the 24/7 patient access portal, clinicians can provide ongoing guidance and assessments for patients outside of in-office visits using digital tools to facilitate the analysis of patient-generated health data.
  2. Decreased health care delivery costs – By promoting patient engagement and self-care and reducing the number of patient re-admissions, healthcare organizations and payers can significantly lower their overall operational and delivery costs.
  3. Greater patient independence – Provided with 24/7 online patient portal access, the CareClix system allows them to login at any time to view their records and medical standing, as well as communicate with their health care provider.
How do I set up my account with CareClix?

You can easily set up your CareClix account by using one of the following methods:

  • Call our toll-free number: 1-855-CARECLX
  • Go online: and requesting a demo
How does CareClix increase your revenue and patient flow?

Video consults reduce the time of each encounter, allowing you to see patients more efficiently. Reducing no-shows and cancellations, boosts revenue and minimizes overhead expenses.

What points should I consider before implementing Telemedicine into my health care organization?

The efficiency of Telemedicine will reduce wait-times for in-person visits, help keep people with non-urgent conditions out of the emergency room, and improve the overall health of the population.

Do I have access to EMR (electronic medical records)?

Yes. CareClix enables patients to have their complete medical history disclosure before consult if required.

Can the CareClix platform integrate or merge with my existing EMR (electronic medical records)?

Yes. CareClix integrates with top EMR and Practice Management Systems. Existing member portals can also integrate with CareClix.

Does insurance cover patient consultations?

Yes. Most insurances cover direct-to-consumer consults since that doctor is still treating the patient, it’s just like an in-person visit.

How are appointments distributed amongst the doctors?

There is no way to send a specific group of patients to one particular provider. Patients have the option to book their appointments with any available provider they are comfortable with.

Can I prescribe medication as a part of a CareClix visit?

Yes, if the provider believes that a prescription is needed to treat an illness/injury, he or she can write a prescription and electronically send it to the pharmacy of the patients’ choice.

Who covers my malpractice insurance for telehealth visits?

As contractors, providers must carry their own malpractice insurance. Providers are not contractors on our platform, but they would use their current malpractice insurance to cover them.

How am I able to book an appointment for a patient?

Accessing our help center, you will be able to search for the “Nurse Quick Guide,” a quick step-by-step guide on how
to book an appointment on behalf of the patient.

Can I charge my patients for scheduling an appointment on the CareClix portal?

Yes. You have the ability to charge your patient a predetermined through our merchant account linked directly to your bank account.

Can my patients choose to decide where they want their RX to be sent?

Yes. Patients will have the ability to choose the pharmacy of their choice to send Rx.

Does your platform provide the opportunity for peer to peer consultations?

Yes. CareClix will provide you the opportunity to invite other physicians and specialists to a virtual exam room.