See your patients from any connected location using CareClix Exam. CareClix Exam includes a Medical Exam Room. This feature lets you securely monitor up to 14 patient data points remotely using our HIPAA/HITECH-compliant software and our FDA-compliant remote monitoring devices. CareClix Exam enables you to turn any room into a virtual health suite.


How It Works


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CareClix Exam is an add-on API you can include as part of your CareClix virtual health solution. CareClix Exam comes with a full telemedicine suite that we can manage for you, or you can choose what and how you want to manage.


See Your Patients

Use CareClix Exam’s Exam Kiosk, Telemedicine Carts, and Mobile Cases to build a virtual exam room that matches your needs and those of your patients.


Get Paid

Using CareClix Exam means that you get to focus on your clients, and we take care of patient care claims and billing. When you receive payment, then we do.

CareClix Exam makes virtual patient visits practical by bringing together your organization, your patient, our Physician Network and our telemedicine peripheral devices. This combination enables you to solve the challenges of seeing patients who might otherwise not receive care because of where they are or other circumstances that keep them from coming to their doctor.

CareClix supports more than 200 telemedicine peripheral devices. CareClix’s remote patient monitoring devices are all FDA-approved, and when taken together with our best-in-class software and our CareClix Exam API, remove barriers between you and seeing your patients.

Virtual Exam Room Solution

Customizable Options

Build a virtual exam room just the way you need it with CareClix Exam. Equip it with any of a broad range of top-quality, state-of-the-art medical devices that CareClix provides.

Enhanced Care

With CareClix Exam you can individualize your patient care by including additional patient services as you need them, including supplemental telemedicine peripherals.

Secure Transmission

CareClix complies with HIPAA/HITECH patient privacy requirements. Use CareClix to securely transmit patient EHRs and clinical data to consult with the CareClix Physician Network.

Remote Data

Use CareClix Exam with our remote patient monitoring capabilities to securely obtain patients’ vital data, like blood pressure, pulse, temperature and more, in real time.

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