Especially in a value care billing environment, avoiding unnecessary hospital readmissions is imperative to both patient quality of care and your organization’s profitability. By using CareClix’s customization capability you can create a Hospital Readmission Program that complements our Chronic Care and Virtual Urgent Care Programs to keep unneeded readmissions to a minimum.


How It Works


Identify Patient Candidates

CareClix’s Hospital Readmission Program gives you the ability to analyze your patients’ data so you can identify your patients most likely to need readmission and help enroll them into the program.


Patient Education and Consent

CareClix provides you with educational information and enrollment materials as part of  your Hospital Readmission Program. Use these to inform program candidates and to persuade them to join.


Manage Bill

Patients who participate in the CareClix Hospital Readmission Program receive at least 20 minutes of managed care, depending on their underlying conditions. CareClix manages the billing for the program, too.

CareClix’s Population Health Management solution works within CMS guidelines. This feature helps you to manage your patients who have multiple chronic conditions in a cost-effective way.

CareClix’s Solution for Hospital Readmissions

Access to Care

CareClix ensures your patients have ready access to the telehealth services that you provide. It provides patients with access to either you or another licensed and board-certified physician at any time, any day.

Care Plan

There's no need to develop your own care plan documents from scratch. Build or improve your patient care plans with CareClix’s built-in care plan templates, including symptom management and treatment goals.

EHR Integration

CareClix integrates your patient EHRs, clinical data, and remote patient monitoring data into its cloud-based platform with no sacrifice of patient privacy and data security as required by HIPAA and the HITECH Act.

Managed Care

CareClix improves your patient quality of care with patient needs assessments that include medication reconciliation and for reviews of follow-up appointments after hospital or emergency room visits.

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