Improved access to care, better resourcing, fewer coverage gaps, and greater cost savings are just a few reasons why hospitals and healthcare providers are relying on telemedicine to help them better balance their staff.


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The program comes with full telemedicine suite. We handle everything, or you can manage any piece. We work with you to design a custom program to fit your needs



Monitor a minimum of 25 patients within 60 months


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CareClix’s platform includes load balancing capabilities that help monitor current usage and re-direct physicians to where they are needed. We can efficiently distribute staff across a provider network to promote optimal staffing and enhanced provider capacity.

Staff Load Balancing Solution


Shortened patient wait-times

We can enable primary and specialty care physicians to be virtually distributed through the health system for on-demand consults with both on and off site patients reducing patient wait times.

Better provider utilization

Doctors can see more patients in a shorter amount of time and can reduce the number of staff members needed on-site. Our Online Virtual Exam Room allows nurses to facilitate video consults between on-site patients and off-site doctors.

Reduced physician burnout

Overcrowded and understaffed facilities are an important healthcare issue. The need for hospital systems to adopt a staff load balancing model is becoming more apparent and many hospitals and healthcare providers are turning to telemedicine.

Increased cost savings

CareClix can greatly reduce the number of specialists on site. This decreases the cost for hospitals by eliminating the need to hire specialists on staff and provides patients with the care they need much faster.

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