When you serve your telehealth patients through CareClix, you are doing more than providing them with high-quality, secure, convenient access to healthcare in a way that on-site services can’t. You’re also helping your business bottom line. Use CareClix to identify and cover staff coverage gaps, better allocate resources, and save money in your telehealth patient services.


How It Works


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Starting out with CareClix is easy:

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With CareClix you and your staff can remotely and securely monitor and treat more patients than you could through a brick-and-mortar practice alone. All in a HIPAA/HITECH-complaint EHR environment. CareClix helps you to get the most out of your staff without overstretching them, leaving monitoring coverage gaps, and burning them out with overwork.


Get Paid

CareClix handles your billings and Medicare reimbursement claims for you, including costs for equipment and monitoring. When you get reimbursed, we do.

Optimize your physician and staff productivity with CareClix. Monitor current personnel use, and re-direct physicians to where your patients need them the most. Draw upon additional staff resources from across CareClix’s Provider Network when you need additional capability.

Staff Load Balancing Solution


Shortened patient wait-times

Minimize your patient wait-times for virtual care visits. CareClix distributes your physicians throughout your provider network so your patients experience minimal delay before seeing a physician.

Better provider utilization

The CareClix Virtual Exam Room empowers your nursing staff to facilitate video consults between on-site patients and off-site physicians, which makes off-site physician telemedicine support practical and cost-effective.

Reduced physician burnout

Use CareClix to avoid the problems of understaffed facilities and overworked physicians and staff. Our staff load balancing manages your personnel commitments across your network to give more telehealth services to patients without burning out your people.

Increased cost savings

Because CareClix makes more than 30 kinds of medical specialists available to you virtually, there’s less need to maintain your own on-site specialists. Provide your patients with the specialized care they need faster, and less expensively, with CareClix.

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