CareClix bridges the physical gap between you and your patients through remote patient monitoring. Our virtual health software is compatible with more than 200 telehealth peripheral devices. CareClix remote monitoring devices are FDA-approved and arrive pre-configured for your patients, so patients can start using them right away. Telephone setup support is included.


How It Works


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With CareClix, you decide which telehealth peripherals from our extensive selection to use for your patients. We work with you to design a custom telemedicine program that fits your capabilities and patient needs.



CareClix remote monitoring devices stream patient data through the CareClix Provider Portal. Our clinical staff monitors patient data at 48-hour intervals and notifies you if any reading is outside of the parameters you set.


Get Paid

CareClix bills Medicare and insurers for telehealth peripherals and monitoring services. This means you can concentrate on helping your patients instead of claims processing. We’re reimbursed when you are.

Remote patient monitoring is a component of CareClix’s comprehensive virtual health solution for your patients. Track your patients’ remote data in real time. CareClix clinicians monitor your patients’ remote data regularly to make sure you know if an outside reading needs attention.

Turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

Pre-configured Devices

CareClix’s FDA-approved remote patient monitoring devices arrive at the patient's home preconfigured and ready-to-use. Most of the time no patient setup is needed. For patients who need help setting up a device, CareClix provides telephone support.

Simple, Easy, Powerful

CareClix enables you to provide telehealth services to your patients without having to become a technical expert. CareClix provides you with the remote patient data you need. We handle the details of billing, configuration, delivery, and monitoring.

Secure Cloud Based

CareClix complies with HIPAA and HITECH Act requirements to protect the privacy of your patient data. Be confident when receiving and sharing your patients’ remote data through our cloud-based servers that it is secure from unauthorized access.

No Upfront Cost

Focus on your patients, not your budget. CareClix handles all your telehealth delivery costs, including remote monitoring device delivery and monitoring. You don’t worry about billing and invoicing; when you receive reimbursement, CareClix gets paid, too.

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