Telemedicine specializes in helping you define the telemedicine products and technology that make sense for your specific application first, so we can help you achieve your ultimate telemedicine program goals. To give you an idea of how telemedicine systems can be configured and designed, take a look at these telemedicine systems and then contact us to discuss your specific program requirements.

CareClix Medical Devices

Telemedicine Cart

The TW 550 is a versatile telehealth system that is easy-to-use and fully integrated. It offers various customization options to support your use cases and workflow. The TW 550 provides an intuitive, robust, and approachable telehealth solution that supports a variety of clinical use cases.

  • Bring specialists anywhere they are needed
  • Enhance decision making through sharing of images and real-time audio feeds
  • Get a close-up view of the patient with a pan‑tilt zoom camera and Far-End-Camera‑Control

Medical Briefcase

Our clinical telemedicine briefcase is a self-contained telemedicine system that has the combined functionality of a desktop telemedicine solution and a mobile cart and is designed for smaller spaces or to be transportable. The system comes complete with encounter management software and customized with medical devices for a clinical exam.

  • Bring specialists anywhere they are needed
  • Perfect for on the go medical situations
  • Capture and share medical device data, exchange documents and medical images
  • Participate in a live video conference with the remote consulting physician

Digital Scope

The Horus HD Digital Scope System, designed specifically for telemedicine, is an easy-to-use hand-held video system used for capturing images of the body. This system utilizes interchangeable
attachments making it ideal for multi discipline medical applications.

  • Illumination is provided by powerful integrated LEDs
  • Still images and videos can be captured with just the touch of a button
  • Info transferred seamlessly to a laptop or PC for store and forward applications
  • Attachments for ear nose and throat, dermatology, audiology and many more


Clinically focused telehealth devices connect to CareClix carts to share diagnostic data with remote providers and enable real-time, informed assessments.

  • Listen to sounds from the point of care
  • Share high-quality images in real-time
  • Zoom in on the patients’ symptoms for accurate assessment


Our PTZ Camera features a CMOS sensor that assures detail-packed HD pictures with a high horizontal resolution. It captures smooth, crisply detailed, Full HD 1920 x 1080 images with extremely low noise – even in low light conditions where other cameras struggle.

  • The high frame rate operation at 60fps delivers more natural, blur-free reproduction
  • Reduces image noise for crisp reproduction of still and moving objects
  • Multiple camera positions make it quick and easy to re-frame shots
  • Simple connection with a compatible videoconferencing system, PC or HD video monitor

We can help you achieve your ultimate telemedicine program goals

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